Are you thinking of taking plumbing as your full-time job? Did you know that plumbers in the UK are one of the happiest professionals? This can be your additional reason to pursue this career.

There are several factors affecting the average salary of a plumber, including their workload and experience. In context, new plumbers can earn as much as £28,974 annually. On the other hand, experienced plumbers earn £45,760 per year while master craft plumbers can earn twice as much as an experienced plumber can.

How Much Do Plumbers Get Paid in the UK?

Aside from workload and experience, several factors can affect the salary of a plumber, including his qualifications to work on gas appliances.


The National Careers Service (NCS) stated that a new plumber may receive £15,000 of annual average starting salary. However, this figure may change since some companies in the UK have a limited number of professional plumbers. These companies will usually offer higher pay to attract applicants.

However, it is worth noting that plumbers employed in a company may earn less since the business owner will take more profit from every job completed. If you decide to be a self-employed plumber and charge an hourly rate, you can start at around £22.

Is Plumbing a Good Job in UK?

A survey by Rated People and Vanarama showed that becoming a plumber is one of the most lucrative jobs to take in 2020. Surprisingly, the United Kingdom has a limited number of plumbers despite the amount of money one can earn from it.

Considering that plumbing is a high-demand industry, many plumbers can charge higher rates and earn more even just by doing minor jobs. Becoming a plumber in the UK does not require you to have any academic qualification but it will always be an edge once you start applying to plumbing companies.

Being a plumber is also an enjoyable job. A common misconception by many is that plumbing only involves fixing issues with taps and toilets. The truth is that this is a diverse job that lets you work on a wide range of projects. Fixing some plumbing issues is sometimes complex but it will give you added satisfaction and joy if you like figuring out the cause and fixing the problem.

How Much a Plumber is Paid in London?

If you are planning to work in London as a plumber, you have probably asked this question several times.

Working as a plumber in London entitles you to an average salary of £30,800 per year. With a minimum salary of £14,900 that can reach up to £48,600, there’s no denying that being a plumber in this city is very lucrative.

Aside from that, this average salary also covers the benefits a plumber is entitled to including transport fees and housing. Furthermore, a professional plumber may also earn higher than the amount mentioned by charging an hourly rate.

However, remember that plumber salaries may change depending on several factors, such as your skills, location, and experience.

Do You Need Qualifications to Be a Plumber UK?

Many professional plumbers recommend other people to pursue a plumbing career. The increase in the number of housing in the UK also increases the demand for professional plumbers. Considering the high demand and decent salary for plumbers in the UK, you may ask if qualifications are necessary to become a plumber in the country.

The answer is no. Anyone can start their plumbing career without holding any qualifications. However, having qualifications may increase your possibility of getting hired.

Plumbing is a skill-based job, and many may think that having plumbing skills without qualifications will help you land a job. Although this is partly true, having qualifications gives you an edge in the competition. Some qualifications you need include GCSEs, including English and Math.

How Many Hours Do Plumbers Work UK?

In the United Kingdom, plumbers typically work full-time hours, amounting to 37 to 40 hours per week. However, the actual number of hours worked by plumbers can vary depending on several factors, including:

·Employment Status: Plumbers may work as self-employed contractors, for small plumbing businesses, or larger construction companies. Self-employed plumbers often have more control over their schedules and may work longer hours to accommodate client needs. Those employed by larger companies may have more standardized working hours.

·Emergencies: Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time, including evenings and weekends. Many plumbers offer emergency services, which may require them to work irregular hours or be on-call during off-hours.

·Seasonal Variations: Plumbing demand can vary with the seasons. For example, plumbers may find themselves working longer hours during the winter when frozen pipes are more common, or during the summer when homeowners undertake renovation projects.

It’s important to note that while plumbers often work standard full-time hours, they may also have the opportunity for overtime, especially during busy periods. Additionally, self-employed plumbers have the flexibility to set their schedules, which can result in variations in the number of hours worked.

Plumber’s salary in the UK may range from £28,974 to £45,760 per year. These figures show how lucrative being in the plumbing industry is.

You can start your plumbing career by applying to agencies in the UK or becoming self-employed. If you apply to a plumbing company, you will work for their standard working hours. However, if you will be a self-employed plumber, you can work depending on your availability or whenever your client needs your service. In addition, plumbers may charge their clients an hourly rate with a minimum amount of £22.

The good thing is that you can become a plumber without an academic degree or qualification. However, having certifications and qualifications for the job will give you an advantage over other applicants. As long as you have the skills needed to complete the job, it will be easier for you to enter this industry.

Remember, plumbing does not limit you to working on broken showers or pipe drainage. This field is very wide and will offer you diverse projects you will explore.

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