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At 24/7 Best Emergency Services, we understand the critical importance of electrical inspection and testing to maintain a safe and reliable working environment. Our comprehensive range of electrical inspection services is designed to identify potential hazards, detect faults, and prevent accidents in your workplace.

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Trusted Electrical House Rewiring Provider in UK

At 24/7 Best Emergency Services, we understand that electrical safety is paramount in any home. That’s why we offer reliable and efficient electrical house rewiring services for homes across UK. Our team of experienced and skilled electricians will assess your property, create a customized rewiring plan, and expertly execute the project – ensuring that your electrical systems are updated to efficiently and safely meet your needs.


Fixed Wiring Inspection and Testing: We conduct thorough inspections to ensure compliance with the latest regulations, including IET wiring regulations. Our expert team of qualified engineers will test and examine your electrical installations, ensuring they are safe and functioning optimally.

Explosive Atmosphere Inspections: Our specialized inspections focus on electrical installations in explosive atmospheres, ensuring they meet the required safety standards.

Thermographic Surveys: Utilizing the latest infrared technology, we perform thermographic surveys to detect and identify any thermal anomalies in your electrical systems, helping prevent potential failures and hazards.

Emergency Lighting Inspection: We offer comprehensive inspection and testing of emergency lighting systems, ensuring they meet the standards and requirements for efficient and effective operation during emergencies.

Lightning Protection Systems Inspection: Our team is equipped to inspect and test lightning protection systems, verifying their effectiveness in protecting your property from lightning-related risks.

Electrical Emergency

Are you looking for a 24-hour emergency electrician in your area? Look no further. Whether your emergency happens late at night, on the weekend, or even on a holiday, you can count on us, we have fully qualified electricians that can attend at your property within 30 minutes.

Power Shower

Power showers are somewhere between the regular mixer shower and an electric shower. Also known as pumped showers they offer a middle ground solution for households with low water pressure. If you’re having a problem with any of those we are just a phone call away. Our fully qualified electricians are able to work on and repair all models of showers.

Electrical House Rewiring

House Rewiring is probably one of the biggest electrical jobs you’ll ever need to do in your home. Although it’s a big job, we’ll make the electrical system upgrade of  your property as painless and clean as possible, providing you with best electricians nearby.

Fusebox Issues

Your fuse box is the heart of your electrical set up. Running your home with an old fuse box is too dangerous and it won’t last long. If you feel your fuse box needs to be upgraded to a newer consumer unit, then get in touch with the best electricians in London area with their reasonable rates.

Electrical installations

Our professional and certified electricians are always available to help and provide you with all electrical installations, fuses, sockets and any electrical issues. With just a phone call away, we can be at your property within 30 minutes, ready to repair and fix any kind of issue with ease and quality.

Circuit Breaker Replacement

If you are looking for a professional electrician to handle your circuit breaker issues, then look no further. We provide a wide range of services like tripping circuit repair, circuit breaker repair and replacement, meeting your needs at any time of the day, always ready to offer the best help.

RCD Tripping

Since we are the most reputable emergency company, it is our responsibility to make sure that every service we provide is done correctly and satisfies our customers. RCD Tripping is no big deal to our team and they can always assist at your property to make sure everything is sorted safely for you within the first hour.

Electrical Inspecting and Testing

All electrical installations deteriorate after some years of usage. Inspecting and testing such systems is a major source of work for electricians. Safety checks are commonly known as “periodic inspection and testing”. So our certified electricians would be able to help you with that anytime you need it.

Test Certificate

A landlords electrical test is an important procedure that should be carried out when taking in new tenants, as the owner of the building needs to ensure that the property is safe for the occupants, therefore it’s important to find an experienced company that deals with landlords electrical testing.

We have a great deal of experience dealing with a wide range of electrical testing for both domestic and commercial customers, making us an ideal choice for landlords electrical testing.

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Compliance and Safety: We help you achieve and maintain compliance with all relevant regulations, ensuring the safety of your premises and the well-being of your staff and visitors.

Cost Savings and Planning: Early identification of potential breakdowns and “hotspots” enables better planning of maintenance and repair programs, helping you spread costs and minimize disruptions.

Peace of Mind: As an independent inspection partner with no financial association to contractors, you can trust our unbiased assessments and recommendations.

Expert Team: Our qualified inspection engineers, operating nationwide, bring extensive experience and expertise to every inspection job.

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