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One of the most difficult parts of owning a house or living by yourself is to have someone to call whenever something stops working or starts malfunctioning. Plumbers can help us with many things, but many people don’t know the actual scope of their services. Does a plumber fix boilers? Here, you will get all the answers. 

If you are in need of a plumber or gas engineer, you can always count on 24/7 Best Emergency Services. We are ready to take care of your emergency before the problem worsens, so call us to get more information on our services!  

Who Should I Call to Repair My Boiler? 

Plumbers can repair boilers since they are trained to work with water and heating systems alike. However, that doesn’t mean all plumbers can repair any kind of boiler, as some work differently and thus require different specializations and knowledge not all workers have. 

We recommend that you always look for plumbers specialized in boiler repair and installation since even if a regular plumber has the knowledge to help you, they won’t have as much experience as one who focuses on that specific matter. Depending on how the boiler works, you could also call a gas engineer to help you out. 

Differences Between Gas Engineers and Plumbers – Who Is Better at Fixing Boilers?

The short answer is that it depends on the specific issue you have and the type of boiler you have at home. Plumbers often focus on water systems, so they will always be a better option if your problem is related to the water supply or pipes the boiler uses.

Does a Plumber Fix Boilers

On the other hand, gas engineers are a better fit if you have a problem with the boiler’s gas supply or the boiler itself. If you don’t know what specific problem it has, you can always call any of the two to make an inspection and then decide if you want to hire another person for the job. 

Everything will be alright as long as you hire someone qualified and with experience solving the problem you have. It’s worth noting that many plumbers nowadays are also trained to address gas-related issues, so you should always ask for proof of their experience before you make a choice.  

What About Emergency Boiler Repairs? 

You don’t have time to check the experience of the people you are going to hire when you need an emergency boiler repair. Waiting too much to fix the problem can lead you to either losing the boiler or causing a more severe problem in your house. Getting the number of an emergency repair company beforehand is a great way of preparing for this kind of situation.  24/7 Best Emergency Services is an excellent choice for last-minute boil repairs, as it works with experienced, qualified, and licensed plumbers and gas engineers ready to take care of your situation as fast as they can. It also addresses other electrical or plumbing-related issues, so it’s a good option in general in case you have any kind of emergency in the future. 

What Will Happen If I Try to Repair My Boiler Myself? 

Trying to fix your boiler yourself is dangerous, so the best you can do is hire a professional to take care of the job. The whole thing can even make the boiler have more gas leaks, cause carbon monoxide poisoning, or even explode. That’s not only dangerous for you but also for the other people living in your house. 

Besides that, many boiler warranties ask for professional installation and maintenance, so you could lose the warranty if you try to solve any problem you have yourself, regardless of how small it is. Fixing your boiler without being a licensed plumber or gas engineer is even illegal in some states. 

Are Boiler Repairs Expensive? 

The truth is that it depends on the problem your boiler has, but the average cost of a simple repair, such as fixing a faulty thermostat or pressure valve, is around £150 to £350. Things change if it’s a more complicated fix or if you need emergency boiler repair services. 

24/7 Best Emergency Services tells you how much they will charge for the job before they do anything, and it doesn’t have any hidden fees. You can have more information about this company’s pricing by contacting it through its website. 

Bottom Line – Call 24/7 Best Emergency Services to Repair Your Boiler! 

No one wants to spend money on repairing their boilers, but it’s better to do it than hurt yourself by trying to repair it or leaving it like it is. Hiring a professional on the job will save you a lot of money in the long run.

24/7 Best Emergency Services is your best option for emergency boiler repair or any emergency related to plumbing or electrical issues, so call its team now and see how all your problems disappear in no time! 

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